S P O R T S T O N E   N E W S

November 30, 2022 – Wednesday Results


(w) Southern Guilford 38, Providence Grove 32

(m) Southern Guilford 65, Providence Grove 33

(w) Trinity 52, NC Leadership Academy 38

(m) Trinity 61, NC Leadership Academy 45

THS: Dominic Payne scored 27 points; Dylan Hodges scored 20 points; Grayson Earls had 8 points.

(w) Randleman 59, Union Pines 29

RHS: Elizabeth York scored 16 points; Gracyn Hall had 15 points; Jordan Booker scored 10 points.

(m) Randleman 56, Union Pines 54

From RHS: Tyshaun Goldston's steal and score just before the buzzer got the win for the Tigers. Greg Price led with 17 points and 7 rebounds; Goldston totaled 14 points and 13 rebounds; Connor Cassidy added 12 points.


Asheboro def. Glenn 58-14

AHS winners: Bearik Bigelow, Xavier Santos, Diego Gutierrez, Samuel Salinas, Adam Curry, David Curtis, Dylan Diaz, Michael Brady, Luke Hughes, Eddie Soto and Matthew Perdue.

November 29, 2022 – Tuesday Results


(w) SW Randolph 50, Asheboro 39

AHS: Sion Murrain scored 16 points; Laneane Scherer had 11 points; Salem Lee had 7 points.

(m) Asheboro 47, SW Randolph 38

AHS: Jerquarius Stanback scored 17 points; Camden Walker had 10 points.

SWR: Sean Adkins had 12 points; Marcus Robertson scored 8 points; Kobe Sandoval had 7 points.

(w) Western Alamance 58, Eastern Randolph 49

ER: Brecken Snotherly led with 31 points.

(w) Providence Grove 50, East Davidson 34

PG: Allie Frazier had 18 points; Asia Steverson scored 11 points

(m) Providence Grove 68, East Davidson 31

PG: James Ellis scored 21 points; Chase Whitaker had 15 points; Brady Collins had 13 points.

(w) Trinity 55, Jordan-Matthews 14

(m) Trinity 66, Jordan-Matthews 53

THS: Dominic Payne led with 32 points; Dylan Hodges and Brandon Campbell scored 13 points each.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 48, Southern Guilford 32

UCA: Ashara Spruill led with 14 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists; Savannah Surratt scored 10 points with 9 rebounds; Emory Johnson had 7 points and 4 rebounds.

(m) Southern Guilford 45, Uwharrie Charter 33

From UCA: Ashton Troutman paced the Eagles with 24 points. He sits just 12 points away from eclipsing 1000 points for his career.

(w) Oak Grove 59, Wheatmore 40

(m) Oak Grove 72, Wheatmore 46

WHS: Parker Kines scored 14 points; Kamdyn Wood had 8 points.

November 28, 2022 – Monday Results


(w) Randleman 58, Lexington 44

RHS: Elizabeth York had 18 points; Jordan Booker scored 14 points; Gracyn Hall had 12 points and 12 rebounds.

(m) Randleman 67, Lexington 47


The Mid-Piedmont 3A Conference has announced All-Conference teams for the 2022 fall sports season. Several student-athletes and coaches from Asheboro High School were singled out for individual awards and more were honored as team members.

The Blue Comets' swept the individual awards in soccer with Cristian Benitez named Offensive Player of the Year; Defensive Player of the Year is Calvin Smith; and Nick Arroyo named Coach of the Year. A total of eight players were honored as 'All-Conference'.


Two Asheboro players are on the All-Conference golf team including Player of the Year Salem Lee. Heather Norris is the Coach of the Year in women's golf.


One Blue Comet was selected in men's cross country.


Three Blue Comets have been honored in football.


Three AHS students were honored in tennis.


Despite winning two of their final three matches, a fourth place finish and advancing to the conference tournament semi-finals, Asheboro volleyball did not place any players on this year's team.


November 28, 2022 – Monday Schedule UPDATED 9:40 (games added)


6:00 Lexington at Randleman

November 26, 2022 – Saturday Results


Asheboro Cold Turkey Invitational - INDIVIDUAL FINALS


1- 170 Northern Guilford
2- 151.5 Ragsdale
3- 135 Asheboro
4- 113 Grimsley
5- 71 SW Randolph
6- 65 Salisbury
7- 56 Providence Grove
8- 50 Eastern Randolph
9- 33 Charlotte Christian
10- 28 Eastern Alamance

November 25, 2022 – Friday Results


#4 Mount Airy 35, #1 Eastern Randolph 17

Eastern Randolph jumped in front 10-0 but Mount Airy scored twice to lead 14-10 at halftime. The Wildcats went back in front 17-14 in the third quarter but the Granite Bears scored three times in the fourth to advance to next week's West Region Championship Game.

Ervodd Cassady rushed for 73 yards and Devonte Brooks returned to the lineup with 69 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Stratton Barwick threw for 89 yards on 6-for-17 passing. Brooks had two catches for 42 yards and Nicah Taylor two catches for 38 yards.

Yane Jaimes was good on a 23 yard Eastern Randolph field goal.

Mount Airy scoring came from Tyler Mason with three touchdowns on 194 rushing yards; Caleb Reid rushed for 141 yards and a score; and Ian Gallimore completed a touchdown pass to Walker Stroup.

November 25, 2022 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Tonight's fourth round playoff game is the topic for Dennis Garcia and Eastern Randolph football coach Burton Cates in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

November 25, 2022 – Friday Schedule


7:30 #4 Mount Airy at #1 Eastern Randolph

November 24, 2022 – HAPPY THANKSGIVING

November 23, 2022 – Wednesday Results


(w) Randleman 71, Asheboro 36

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 21 points and 9 rebounds; Elizabeth York had 18 points; Jordan Booker scored 12 points with 10 rebounds; Gracie Beane scored 9 points; Audra Petty had 6 points and 8 rebounds; Kadie Green scored 5 points.

AHS: Sion Murrain scored 16 points, Kimry Comer had 7 points, Salem Lee scored 5 points.

(m) Asheboro 72, Randleman 54

AHS: Camden Walker led with 24 points, Jerquarius Stanback and Darius Headen scored 16 each, Hakemme Butler had 10 points.

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston had 15 points, Greg Price and Chase Farlow scored 12 points each, Christian Long had 10 points.


Enka Invitational

WHS Placers: FOURTH PLACE: Randy Spencer (220)

  FIFTH PLACE: Dominic Hittepole (160)

  SIXTH PLACE: Nolan Hammonds (126), Trey Swaney (132), Noah Browning (182)

West Rowan Invitational


1- 208 West Rowan

2- 147 Trinity
3- 143.5 Hough

THS Placers: FIRST PLACE: Levi Dennis (126), Gavin Hardister (182), Joey Smith (220)

  SECOND PLACE: Edgar Vasquez (106), Brayden Hall (113), Spencer May (120), Charles Scharfer (145)

  THIRD PLACE: Gavin McCall (132), Johnny Bryant (170)

Uwharrie Charter def. Asheboro 64-9

UCA winners: Ethan Hines, Christopher White, Jack McArthur, Aldo Hernandez, Lorenzo Alston, Jair Ulloa, Carson Robinson, Grayson Roberts, Jaden Maness, Corbin Grissom, Caden Bond and Devonte Harrison.

AHS winners: Xavier Santos and Diego Garcia.

Tri-Match at Randleman

  Montgomery Central def. Randleman 54-24

  Union Pines def. Randleman 52-24
  Union Pines def. Montgomery Central 39-37

RHS winners: Kaelob Pearce 2-0, Braxton Walker 2-0, Christian McLeod 1-1, Alex Raymundo 1-1, Kolby Garner 1-1, Caden Thorne 1-1.

November 23, 2022 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Uwharrie Charter wrestling coach Chris Waddell talks about the new season with Dennis Garcia in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

November 23, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule UPDATED 12:40


6:00 Randleman at Asheboro


9:00 Quad Match at Randleman

9:00 Wheatmore at Enka Invitational
9:00 Trinity at West Rowan Invitational
6:00 Uwharrie Charter at Asheboro (at NAMS)

November 22, 2022 – Tuesday Results


(w) Asheboro 51, Providence Grove 47

AHS: Sion Murrain had 14 points, Salem Lee scored 12 points, Ellen Long had 11 points.

PG: Allie Frazier scored 16 points, Jada Nixon had 10 points, Alysha Brown and Asia Steverson scored 9 points each.

(m) Asheboro 65, Providence Grove 35

PG: James Ellis led with 8 points.

(w) North Stanly at SW Randolph

(m) North Stanly 70, SW Randolph 62

(w) Trinity 50, East Davidson 29

(m) Trinity 71, East Davidson 28
THS:Dominic Payne scored 25 points, Dylan Hodges scored 21 points, Brandon Campbell scored 11 points

(w) Central Davidson 46, Wheatmore 34

WHS: Kynnedi Routh scored 12 points, Alyssa Allred had 9 points.

(m) Central Davidson 70, Wheatmore 24

WHS: Parker Kines led with 7 points.


Quad Match at Uwharrie Charter

  Uwharrie Charter def. Southeast Guilford 48-21

  Uwharrie Charter def. Cary 48-21
  Uwharrie Charter def. East Rowan 72-12

UCA winners: Jack McArthur 3-0, Aldo Hernandez 3-0, Lorenzo Alston 3-0, Carson Robinson 3-0, Grayson Roberts 3-0, Ethan Hines 3-0, Jair Ulloa 2-0, Corbin Grissom 2-0, Levi Burns 1-0, Brennan Worrell 2-1, Jaden Maness 2-1, Christopher White 1-1, Aiden Allred 1-1, Caden Bond 1-1, Jake Morin 1-1.

Quad Match at Northwood

  SW Randolph def. Chatham Charter 66-6

  Northwood def. SW Randolph 48-33
  SW Randolph def. Williams 48-30

SWR winners: Janaksel Perez 3-0, Jalin Foxx 3-0, Luke White 3-0, Mason Leonard 3-0, Erick Lopez 3-0, Dustin Foulke 1-0, David Morales 2-1, Rylee Holdaway 2-1, Miguel Garcia 1-1, Nabor Perez 1-1, Brian Gomez 1-2, Ismael Tejeda 1-2, Austin McMahan 1-2.

November 21, 2022 – Monday Results


(w) Oak Grove 63, Trinity 47

(m) Trinity 67, Oak Grove 66  (OT)

THS: Dominic Payne scored 37 points; Grayson Earls had 12 points and 10 rebounds; Dylan Hodges scored 8 points; Evan Stepp and Brandon Campbell had 5 points each.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 74, Bethany Community 34

UCA: Ashara Spruill had 13 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals; Emory Johnson had 13 points and 9 rebounds; Hannah Williams scored 11 points with 3 assists and 3 steals.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 85, Bethany Community 37

(w) Wheatmore 43, East Davidson 33

WHS: Leading scorers were Summer Bowman 13 and Brianna Hill 12.

(m) Wheatmore 82, East Davidson 44

WHS: Leading scorers were Riley Strickland 17, Tristan Hammonds 15, Tyler Kimball 15 and Garett Lanphar 14.

November 19, 2022 – Saturday Schedule


9:30 Providence Grove, others at Uwharrie Charter Challenge

Wheatmore Duals

  East Davidson def. Wheatmore 42-30

  Central Davidson def. Wheatmore 48-35
  Wheatmore def. Corvian Community 48-30
  West Forsyth def. Wheatmore 57-22

WHS winners (wrestlers with at least 1 win): Trey Swaney 4-0, Dominic Hittepole 4-0, Nate Edwards 3-0, Landon Watkins 3-1, Zechariah Starkweather 2-2, Nolan Hammonds 2-2, Levi Johnson 2-2, Jackson Garland 1-1, Cayden Smith 1-2, Jackson Brooks 1-2, Noah Browning 1-3.

Asheboro, Trinity at Forbush Duals

  Asheboro def. Forbush 77-6

  Asheboro def. Ashe County 54-6
  Asheboro def. Walkertown 84-0
  Asheboro def. Trinity 36-33
  St Stephens def. Asheboro 46-24
  Trinity def. Ashe County 60-23

AHS winners (wrestlers with at least 1 win): Diego Gutierrez 5-0. Matthew Perdue 5-0, Bearik Bigelow 4-1, Christian Diaz 4-1, Xavier Santos 4-1, Alexander Patino 4-1, Eddie Soto 4-1, Luke Hughes 2-1, David Curtis 3-2, Samuel Salinas 3-2, Dylan Diaz 3-2, Adam Curry 2-3, Michael Brady 1-2, Nicholas Desroches 1-4.



November 18, 2022 – Friday Results


#1 Eastern Randolph 29, #8 Robbinsville 26

In a back-and-fourth game which saw #8 seed Robbinsville leading in the middle of the fourth quarter, Eastern Randolph made more plays in the closing minutes to come from behind and then made two defensive stands to hold on for the win.

Ervodd Cassady scored three rushing touchdowns and caught a pass for a 2-point conversion to lead the Wildcat scoring. Cassady finished with 20 carries for 141 yards on the ground and had one catch in the offense for 32 yards.

DJ Thomas returned a kickoff 75 yards for an Eastern Randolph touchdown.

Robbinsville was led by Cutler Adams who had 33 carries for 214 yards and a touchdown.

Top seed Eastern Randolph will host #4 Mount Airy in the fourth round of the 1A playoffs next Friday.


(w) Chatham Charter 41, Uwharrie Charter 34

UCA: Ashara Spruill scored 15 points with 3 assists and a school record 19 rebounds; Savannah Surratt had 8 points and 6 rebounds.

(m) Chatham Charter 77, Uwharrie Charter 33

(w) SW Randolph 52, Asheboro 49

(m) Asheboro 62, SW Randolph 52

(w) Trinity 50, Southern Guilford 36

THS: Autumn Gentry had 22 points and 6 rebounds; Kennedy Jackson scored 17 points and 5 rebounds.

(m) Southern Guilford 47, Trinity 46

(w) Randleman 73, Lexington 58

RHS: Elizabeth York had 27 points and 8 assists; Gracyn Hall had 16 points with 8 rebounds; Audra Petty scored 16 points; Jordan Booker had 7 points.

(m) Randleman 72, Lexington 54

RHS scoring: Tyshaun Goldston 19, Christian Long 17, Greg Price 17.

November 17, 2022 – Thursday Results


Tri-Match at Wheatmore

  Trinity def. Wheatmore 54-27

  Trinity def. TW Andrews 66-18

Tri-Match at Eastern Randolph

  Eastern Randolph def. Randleman 40-35

  South Davidson def. Randleman 66-18
  South Davidson def. Eastern Randolph 48-36

Tri-Match at East Davidson

  UCA def. NC Leadership Academy 77-3

  UCA def. East Davidson 82-0

UCA winners: Ethan Hines 2-0, Christopher White 2-0, Aiden Allred 2-0, Jack McArthur 2-0, Aldo Hernandez 2-0, Lorenzo Alston 2-0, Jair Ulloa 2-0, Carson Robinson 2-0, Grayson Roberts 2-0, Jaden Maness 2-0, Corbin Grissom 2-0, Caden Bond 2-0, Devonte Harrison 2-0, Brennan Worrell 1-1.

SW Randolph def. South Stanly 43-30

SWR winners: Nathan Russell, Janaksel Perez, Daniel Nunez, Michael Jaimes, Luke White, Mason Leonard, Tristin Richardson, David Morales, Jose Flores.

November 17, 2022 – COLLEGE SIGNING

Eastern Randolph senior Brecken Snotherly has committed to East Tennessee State University for basketball. Brecken was an All-Conference and All-District selection following her freshman season and All-Conference in her junior season. As a sophomore, she averaged double-digit scoring while attending a Christian school.


November 17, 2022 – Thursday Schedule


6:00 Randleman, S Davidson at Eastern Randolph

6:00 Trinity, TW Andrews at Wheatmore
6:00 Uwharrie Charter, C Davidson at East Davidson
7:00 South Stanly at SW Randolph

November 16, 2022 - WRESTLING

High school wrestling is underway and a big part of the season is weekend tournaments.

Uwharrie Charter Academy will host the 2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Challenge this Saturday at the UCA central gym, 5154 Highway 220 Business South.

Along with the host Eagles, this year's line-up is scheduled to include wrestlers from Providence Grove, Thomasville, Southeast Guilford, Bishop McGuinness and Athens Drive High Schools in an individual tournament format. Awards will be presented to the top three wrestlers in each weight class, team champion, team runner-up and Most Outstanding Wrestler.

Wrestling begins at 10:00 Saturday with a 30 minute lunch break at noon and tournament finals matches expected to begin around 3 pm. Admission is 7 dollars and concessions will be available.

November 16, 2022 – Wednesday Results


Quad Match at Bandys

  Asheboro def. East Gaston 46-27

  Asheboro def. West Charlotte 84-0
  Bandys def. Asheboro 54-18

From AHS: Congratulations to our AHS wrestling team going 2 and 1 last night defeating East Gaston 46 - 27, West Charlotte 84-0, and falling short to Bandys 54-18.

Individual winners going 3 and 0: Bearik Bigelow, Xavier Santos and Sammy Salinas.

Individual going 2 and 1: Diego Gutierrez, Alex Patino, David Curtis, Dylan Diaz, Michael Brady, Marvin "Tuck" Tucker, Eddie Soto and Matthew Perdue.

AHS wrestling will be traveling this weekend to the Falcon Duals at Forbush High School on Saturday starting at 9:00 am. Please come out and support your AHS wrestling team.

November 15, 2022 – Tuesday Results


SW Randolph, Oak Grove at West Davidson

  SW Randolph def. West Davidson 52-28

  SW Randolph def. Oak Grove 48-30

SWR: Luke White 2-0, Tristin Richardson 2-0, David Morales 2-0, Jose Flores 2-0, Nathan Russell 2-0, Michael Jaimes 2-0, Mason Leonard 1-1, Dalton Cooper 1-1, Ismael Tejeda 1-1, Janaksel Perez 1-1, Nabor Perez 1-1, Daniel Nunez 1-1.

November 14, 2022 – Monday Results


#10 Hickory 2, #1 Asheboro 1

Asheboro hosted their first ever Regional Championship match in men's soccer but were unable to advance to the 3A State Championship this weekend.

Daniel Gutierrez Resendez scored the lone Asheboro goal on an attack from near midfield to give the Blue Comets the lead in the middle of the first half.

However, Hickory's Red Tornadoes, last year's runner-up in 3A soccer, scored twice just before halftime for a 2-1 lead which they held on to and earned a trip back to the title game.

Asheboro finished the season with a 23-2-2 record.



Ragsdale Meet #1 - COMPLETE RESULTS


1- 73 Southeast Guilford
2- 65 Trinity
3- 33 Ragsdale
3- 33 Lexington


1- 69 Southeast Guilford
2- 37 Trinity
3- 30 Wesleyan
4- 28 Lexington
4- 28 Ragsdale
6- 11 Grimsley

November 11, 2022VETERANS DAY

No Events Scheduled

November 10, 2022 – Thursday Results


#1 Asheboro 1, #4 East Lincoln 0

The Blue Comets' goal was scored by Daniel Gutierrez Resendez in the middle of the second half as Asheboro recorded their third shutout in four post-season games.

Top seed Asheboro will host #10 Hickory for the West Region championship Tuesday at Lee J Stone Stadium.



#1 Reidsville 51, #17 Providence Grove 25

A touchdown pass from Andrew Canter to Zander Cheek which tied the game at 7-7 early in the second quarter. That was followed by a Tucker Batten field goal on the Patriots' next possession for a 10-7 lead which lasted until Reidsville went in front for good in the final minute of the half at 14-10.

Providence Grove got a second half rushing score from Karson Bowman and a Chase Whitaker reception from Canter for a touchdown but the Patriots were unable to slow down the #1 seeded Rams who crossed the goal line four times in the second half on offense and returned an interception for another touchdown.

#1 Eastern Randolph 28, #17 Mountain Heritage 12

Ervodd Cassidy and Lucas Smith scored two touchdowns each as top seed Eastern Randolph advanced in the 1A West Region. Cassidy had 205 yards rushing for the Wildcats who controlled the ball with 16 first downs compared to the Cougars' eight.

The Eastern Randolph defense recorded two interceptions.


November 9, 2022 – COLLEGE COMMITMENTS

Four Asheboro seniors were recognized this morning in a commitment ceremony to continue their athletic and academic careers at the college level.

Salem Lee will be attending Appalachian State University next year as a member of the women's golf team. Salem is a three-time Player of the Year in the Mid-Piedmont Conference, a four-time qualifier to the state championship tournament with two top ten finishes in 3A golf having finished 5th in the state on both her junior and senior years.

Morgan Coward has been a varsity softball in each of her first three seasons at AHS. With time at multiple infield positions, Morgan has honored with All-Conference and All-District awards as well as the Blue Comets Team Before Self Award. She will be continuing her softball career at Belmont Abbey College.

Davis Gore will also be attending Belmont Abbey College next year. He has started each of his first three seasons for Asheboro baseball with two All-Conference awards and seen time at second base, third base, in the outfield, on the mound as well as behind the plate. As a junior, Davis hit .312 with four doubles, a triple and four home runs.

Tanner Marsh has signed with Liberty University for baseball. A varsity starter in his first three years at Asheboro, Tanner has been named All-Conference twice and was selected All-State following his junior season which included a .489 batting average and a 1.57 ERA in 35.2 innings pitched.

Southwestern Randolph's Tyler Parks signed his National Letter of Intent today to continue playing baseball at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Like other seniors participating in spring sports, Tyler's freshman season was lost to CoVID-19 but has has been named All-Conference twice and will head into his senior season with 19 career doubles and 86 strikeouts in 78 innings pitched.

Emma Mazzarone has committed to Virginia Tech for softball. The Providence Grove senior was named the 2A Pitcher of the Year (West) last season with 348 strikeouts while issuing 29 walks and just 7 earned runs. Emma also hit 7 home runs her junior year and has a .550 career batting average,

November 9, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule

No Events Scheduled

November 8, 2022 – Tuesday Schedule

No Events Scheduled

November 7, 2022 – Monday Results


#1 Asheboro 3, #25 West Iredell 0

AHS: Goals by Edwin Perez Vazquez, Daniel Gutierrez Resendez and Cristisn Ortiz.

November 5, 2022 – ALUMNI HONORS

Payton Shiflet (SWR '22) has been named Rookie of the Year as well as First Team All-Conference in the USA South Athletic Conference.

The outside hitter led Greensboro College volleyball in kills and kills/set and was named conference Rookie of the Week three times during the season.



Asheboro High School announced Friday that Blake Brewer has resigned as head football coach of the Blue Comets.

On November 4, 2022, Asheboro High School football coach Blake Brewer announced his resignation as the head football coach for the Blue Comets after the conclusion of the 2022 regular season. Coach Brewer has held this position for the past three years.

"We appreciate the time Coach Brewer has devoted to the Blue Comets and wish him very best in his future coaching career," said Dr. Ryan Moody, Asheboro High School principal.

Given Coach Brewer's announcement, the search for a new head football coach will begin immediately.

A 2007 graduate of Asheboro High School, Brewer has been a teacher and coach in the system since 2013 and head coach of the varsity football program since 2020.

Brewer's tenure began in January, 2020 and was disrupted by the CoVID-19 epidemic a few weeks later. Empty classrooms and remote learning became the norm for several months and the start of the 2020 football season was delayed until February, 2021. The Blue Comets have a 2-25 record over the last three seasons.

November 5, 2022 – Saturday Schedule

CROSS COUNTRY – STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Ivy Redmon Complex, Kernersville

2A Men (PG, WHS Runners)

4A Men
2A Women (PG Runners)
4A Women
1A Men
3A Men (MPC Runners)
1A Women (ER, UCA Runners)
3A Women (MPC Runners)

In the 1A Meet, Eastern Randolph's Brecken Snotherly finished 8th in the women's championship.

Providence Grove's women's team finished in 11th place, three points out of the top ten. Jensen Auman had the top finish in 40th place. Robert Burton was the lone PG runner in the men's race finishing in 33rd place, 32 spots higher than his finish last year.

From WHS: Zach Hazelwood wrapped up his 2022 cross country season with a time of 17:52.77 which earned him a 29th place finish out of 139 runners at the NCHSAA 2A state meet on 11/5. Despite some cramps, he was able to finish more than a minute faster than his time at the state meet last year and over 40 places better.






November 4, 2022 – Friday Results


#23 Lincolnton 37, #10 Randleman 36  (OT)

Randleman led by seven points on two occasions and Lincolnton led by eight points in the fourth quarter in a game which was tied at 14, 21 and 29-all at the end of regulation.

The Tigers scored first in over-time for a 36-29 lead but the Wolves answered and were successful on a 2-point conversion run for the upset win.

Amarion Moton had 28 carries for 170 yards and scored all five Randleman touchdowns. Christian Long rushed for 87 yards on 14 carries and completed 11-of-19 passes for 101 yards and an interception.

Tiger receivers were led by Tyshaun Goldston with 4 catches for 48 yards and Lane Swaim with 4 catches for 25 yards.

#17 Providence Grove 48, #16 McMichael 14

Providence Grove secured the program's first ever win in the football playoffs with scores on eight of nine possessions at McMichael High School.

Zander Cheek rushed for two scores and caught a pass from Andrew Canter for another while Zane Cheek rushed for three touchdowns. Tucker Batten was 6-for-6 in extra point kicks and good on field goal tries of 22 and 21 yards for the Patriots.

Canter (8-for-10) and Chase Whitaker (1-for-1) produced 161 passing yards and Providence Grove rolled up 284 yards on the ground, led by Zane Cheek's 176 yards on 13 carries.

Lemuel Coltrane led the receivers with 4 catches for 40 yards.

Whitaker and David Braddy recorded sacks and Whitaker blocked a kick on a pat attempt.

November 3, 2022 – Thursday Results


#11 Bradford Prep 5, #6 Eastern Randolph 3

#15 Patton 2, #2 Wheatmore 0

#1 Asheboro 2, #17 West Henderson 1

AHS: Goals by Brandon Santos and Cristisn Ortiz Benitez.

November 2, 2022 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Dennis Garcia is getting us ready for the start of the football playoffs in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

November 2, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule

No Events Scheduled

November 1, 2022 – Tuesday Results


#14 South Stokes 1, #19 Uwharrie Charter 0


.  .