S P O R T S T O N E   N E W S

January 19, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule


6:00 (m) Ledford at Asheboro

6:00 Eastern Randolph at Providence Grove
6:00 Randleman at Trinity


7:00 Asheboro at Montgomery Central

7:00 Randleman, Dudley at Eastern Guilford
7:00 Uwharrie Charter at SW Randolph

January 18, 2022 – Tuesday Schedule UPDATED


Eastern Randolph at Providence Grove - POSTPONED WED, 1/19

Randleman at Trinity - POSTPONED WED, 1/19
Wheatmore at Uwharrie Charter - POSTPONED WED, 1/26
(m) Ledford at Asheboro - POSTPONED WED, 1/19


6:00 Uwharrie Charter at East Lincoln


Ledford, PAC teams at Asheboro - POSTPONED

January 17, 2022 - SPECIAL FEATURES

Coach Brian Nance of the Asheboro men's basketball team joins Dennis Garcia in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE for a look at another unusual - but so far successful - season.

January 17, 2022 - No Events Scheduled

January 15, 2022 – Saturday Results


9:00 Asheboro at South Mecklenburg Duals

Montgomery Central Duals

Providence Grove 40, Lexington 30

Richmond County 52, Providence Grove 23
West Wilkes 54, Providence Grove 28
Cedar Ridge 42, Randleman 30
Lexington 40, Randleman 21
North Moore 42, Randleman 23
SW Randolph 51, North Moore 30
Richmond County 39, SW Randolph 27
Trinity 60, Lexington 21
Trinity 54, Richmond County 21
Trinity 63, West Wilkes 12

Phillip Reed Invitational (Glenn High School)


120 pounds, Trey Swaney (WHS), 2nd Place
126 pounds, Cameron Hinson (WHS), 2nd Place

January 14, 2022 – Friday Results


(w) Eastern Randolph 50, Trinity 44

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 28 points; Madison Brower and Bailey Herring had 6 points each.

(m) Trinity 73, Eastern Randolph 44

THS: Trace Moffitt led with 35 points; Dominic Payne scored 16 points; Brandon Campbell had 12 points.

(w) Wheatmore 57, Providence Grove 55

(m) Providence Grove 68, Wheatmore 62

PG: Zane Caudle scored 20 points; Michael Fee had 17 points; Sakai McKoy scored 11 points.

WHS: Dylan Weil had 12 points; Tyler Kimball scored 11 points; Ethan Littlefield had 10 points.

(w) SW Randolph 39, Uwharrie Charter 36

SWR: Alexis Maness had 11 points; Carley Everhart and Alley Lowe scored 8 points each.

UCA: Gabi Greene scored 12 points; Kristen Jensen scored 10 points; Ashara Spruill had 8 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 44, SW Randolph 40

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 23 points; Pierce Leonard had 6 points; Dawson Dunn had 5 points.

SWR: Matthew Rubio and Sean Adkins had 11 points each; Nathan Ellis scored 8 points.


6:00 Randleman at Trinity

January 13, 2022 – Thursday Results


Tri-Match at Providence Grove

Providence Grove 57, Eastern Randolph 18

Providence Grove 48, North Moore 24
North Moore 36, Eastern Randolph 28

Uwharrie Charter 75, Wheatmore 6

UCA winners: Ethan Hines, Brandon Jordan, Jack McArthur, Aldo Hernandez, Jacob Newton, Byan Lackey, Carson Robinson, Grayson Roberts, Doug Bowles, Jaden Maness, Austin Hardie, Aiden Carter, Jake Morin.

WHS winner: Trey Swaney.

SW Randolph at Thomasville - CANCELLED

January 12, 2022 – Wednesday Results


(w) Uwharrie Charter at River Mill Academy

(m) Uwharrie Charter 53, River Mill Academy 42

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 21 points; Pierce Leonard scored 9 points.

January 12, 2022 - SPECIAL FEATURES

Dennis Garcia and Coach Chris Waddell discuss wrestling success in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE,

January 12, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule


6:00 Uwharrie Charter at River Mill Academy

January 11, 2022 – Tuesday Results


(m) Asheboro 69, Central Davidson 39

AHS: Every available player scored led by Jerquarius Stanback with 16 points; Hakeeme Butler scored 10 points; Tyshawn Goldston and DJ Headen had 9 points each.

January 10, 2022 - COLLEGE COMMITMENT

Alex Bagley has signed with Western Carolina University to continue her soccer career. The Southwestern Randolph Cougar was an All-Conference performer as a freshman and a junior and has forgone her senior season by graduating early and is enrolled at WCU this semester.

The Catamounts are members of the Southern Conference.

January 10, 2022SUMMER BASEBALL

The Asheboro Copperheads began playing baseball in the summer of 1999 as a member of the Coastal Plain League. On Monday morning, the organization revealed that they are rebranding as the Asheboro Zoo Keepers.

The new name pays homage to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, the world’s largest natural habitat zoo. The Zoo Keepers team manager, Dennis Garcia, says “The team will remain in the Coastal Plain League and looks to elevate their position with the community as a family first summertime destination in central North Carolina.”

Asheboro Mayor, David Smith, says “The new name change ties the team in with the community. This will be good for tourism in Asheboro and Randolph County.”

With the name change comes new logos, merchandise and website. Take a look at

January 10, 2022 – No Events Scheduled

January 8, 2022 – Saturday Results


Pin Down Autism Super Duals

UCA 8-0 to win the two-day event.

HP Central Invitational

120 pounds, Trey Swaney (WHS), 3rd Place
126 pounds, Cameron Hinson (WHS), 3rd Place
132 pounds, Levi Johnson (WHS), 3rd Place
195 pounds, Randy Spencer (WHS), 1st Place

SWR Cougar Duals

AHS: AHS Wrestling went 5 and 0 and took the Cougar Duals Championship at SWR.

AHS wrestlers going 5-0: Xavier Santos (113); Diego Gutierrez (126); Yu Chen (138); Luke Lambeth (170); Logan Lambeth (182); Eddie Soto (220); Arhman Tyson (285).

Johnson-Stamey Mill Town Invitational

106 pounds, Brayden Hall (THS), 2nd Place
113 pounds, Spencer May (THS), 1st Place
120 pounds, Chris Grubb (THS), 2nd Place
126 pounds, KJ Stafford (THS), 2nd Place
132 pounds, Kyle Albertson (THS) 3rd Place
138 pounds, David Makupson (THS), 1st Place
145 pounds, Charles Schaedor (THS) 3rd Place
152 pounds, Casey Hohn (THS), 2nd Place
160 pounds, Johnny Bryant (THS), 2nd Place
170 pounds, Zechariah Starkweather (THS), 8th Place
182 pounds, Gavin Hardister (THS), 6th Place
195 pounds, Colby Peel (THS), 6th Place
220 pounds, Joey Smith (THS), 2nd Place
285 pounds, Jehangir Awan (THS), 6th Place

January 7, 2022 – Friday Results


(w) Oak Grove 65, Asheboro 23

AHS: Ellen Long had 8 points and 10 rebounds; Malaika Khan scored 7 points.

(m) Asheboro 54, Oak Grove 46

AHS: Tramir Martin scored 21 points; Josh Moses scored 9 points; Jerquarius Stanback and Hakeeme Butler had 8 points each.

(w) Eastern Randolph 40, Uwharrie Charter 33

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 25 points; Ziera Watson and Kenly Whitaker had 5 points each.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 57, Eastern Randolph 43

UCA: Ashton Troutman had 14 points; Alijah Barker and Pierce Leonard scored 13 points each; Jordan Harrison had 9 points.

ER: Davonte Brooks had 12 points; Na'hiem Lilly and Elias Alston scored 8 points each.

(w) Randleman 77, Providence Grove 32

RHS: Audra Petty scored 18 points; Elizabeth York had 17 points, 8 assists and 7 steals; Gracyn Hall scored 15 points with 7 rebounds.

PG: Allie Frazier led with 13 points.

(m) Providence Grove 47, Randleman 39

PG: Sakai McCoy scored 16 points; Zane Caudle had 12 points; Michael Fee scored 11 points.

RHS: Lucas Gneiting and Baylor Petty scored 8 points each; Greg Price had 7 points.

SW Randolph at Wheatmore - POSTPONED (WED 1/19)


6:00 Pin Down Autism Duals at Uwharrie Charter (Day 1)

January 6, 2022 – Thursday Results


7:00 Providence Grove at Randleman

SW Randolph 43, Wheatmore 36

SWR winners: Janaksel Perez, Luke White, Walker Teal, Ty Dixon, Tristin Richardson, Noah Williams, Clay Sugg, Jose Flores.

WHS winners: Micah Agner, Terry Presnell, Trey Swaney, Noah Browning, Randy Spencer, Renato Barron.


Uwharrie Charter 72,  North Moore 9

Uwharrie Charter 71, Eastern Randolph 6


PAC 7, Jordan-Matthews at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA

January 5, 2022 – Wednesday Results


(w) Asheboro 45, Thomasville 22

AHS: Kimry Comer had 9 points; Veronica Powell had 8 points; Monica Powell, Malaika Khan and Maggie Allred scored 6 points each.

(m) Asheboro 54, Thomasville 41

AHS: Hakeeme Butler scored 19 points; Tanner Marsh and Tyshawn Goldston scored 11 points each.

(w) Randleman 57, Union Pines 48

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 24 points and 9 rebounds; Elizabeth York scored 19 points; Hannah Hinshaw scored 6 points with 9 rebounds.

(m) Union Pines 56, Randleman 30

(w) SW Randolph 42, Eastern Randolph 35

SWR: Alexis Maness scored 22 points.

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 25 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 55, SW Randolph 52

ER: Davonte Brooks scored 24 points; Bryce Foland scored 18 points.

SWR: Nathan Ellis had 16 points; Sean Adkins scored 14 points.


Tri-Match at Cedar Ridge

Trniity 66, Western Alamance 18
Trinity 65, Cedar Ridge 9
THS wrestlers who went 2-0: Brayden Hall, Spencer May, Chris Grubb, KJ Stafford, Kyle Albertson, David Makupson, Charles Schaefor, Casey Hohn, Gavin Hardister, Xavier Horton. Joey Smith.

Asheboro 57, North Davidson 22

AHS winners: Yu Chen, Christian Diaz, Luke Lambeth, Logan Lambeth, Michael Brady, Eduardo Soto-Canas, Arhman Tyson, Xavier Santos, Adam Curry, Diego Gutierrez.


4:00 Asheboro at North Davidson

January 4, 2022 – Tuesday Results


(w) Providence Grove 49, Trinity 42

(m) Providence Grove 77, Trinity 71

(w) Central Davidson 51, Wheatmore 44

(m) Central Davidson 62, Wheatmore 60

WHS: Adam Harrison had 19 points; Jake Haynes scored 12 points.

(w) Randleman 50, Uwharrie Charter 30

RHS: Elizabeth York had 15 points and 5 assists; Gracyn Hall had 15 points and 16 rebounds; Jordan Booker scored 8 points.

UCA: Ashara Spruill scored 6 points; Lily Charlesworth and Chloe Painter had 5 points each.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 51, Randleman 42

UCA: Ashton Troutman had 23 points; Max DeNamur scored 9 points.

RHS: Baylor Petty scored 12 points; Greg Price had 10 points.

January 3, 2022 - SPECIAL FEATURES

In this week's SPECIAL FEATURE, Dennis Garcia celebrates with Randleman's Lady Tigers following their championship in the Davidson/Randolph Christmas Classic at Providence Grove High School.

January 3, 2022 - No Events Scheduled

January 1, 2022 - HAPPY NEW YEAR


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