S P O R T S T O N E   N E W S

December 7, 2022 – Wednesday Schedule


6:00 Asheboro at Randleman

6:00 Providence Grove at Williams
6:00 Wheatmore at West Davidson


7:00 Oak Grove, West Rowan at Asheboro


6:00 PAC, Oak Grove, JM at Asheboro


4:30 Trinity at Eastern Alamance

December 6, 2022 – Tuesday Results


(w) Ragsdale 63, Asheboro 53

AHS: Sion Murrian had 19 points, Laneane Scherer scored 16 points, Salem Lee scored 6 points.

(m) Ragsdale 68, Asheboro 66

(w) Eastern Randolph 52, Chatham Central 29

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 21points, McKenzie Gee had 12 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 92, Chatham Central 91

(w) Southern Guilford at Providence Grove

(m) Southern Guilford at Providence Grove

(w) Randleman 57, Central Davidson 41

RHS: Elizabeth York reached the 1000 point plateau and led the Tigers with 24. Gracyn Hall had 21 points and 8 rebounds, Audra Petty added 8 points.

(m) Central Davidson at Randleman

(w) North Davidson 50, SW Randolph 40

(m) North Davidson 56, SW Randolph 39

SWR: Sean Adkins scored 10 points, Marcus Robertson scored 9 points, Nathan Ellis had 8 points.

(w) Trinity at East Davidson

(m) Trinity 75, East Davidson 41

THS: Dominic Payne had 32 point, Dylan Hodges had 15 points, Brandon Campbell scored 11 points, Jacob Hodges scored 8 points.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 51, Chatham Charter 43  (OT)

UCA: Ashara Spruill scored 20 points, Savannah Surratt had 15 points, Chloe Painter scored 11 points.

(m) Chatham Charter 58, Uwharrie Charter 39

UCA: Ashton Troutman led the Eagles with 19 points. 

December 5, 2022 – Monday Results


(w) South Davidson 67, Eastern Randolph 48

(m) Eastern Randolph 94, South Davidson 62

(w) Oak Grove 40, Trinity 35

(m) Trinity 74, Oak Grove 55

THS: Dylan Hodges scored 22 points, Dominic Payne scored 20 points, Brandon Campbell had 10 points, Grayson Earls scored 9 points.

(w) SW Randolph 67, Jordan-Matthews 15

SWR: Caressa King scored 16 points, Jordin George had 13 points, Maddie Small had 8 points.

December 5, 2022 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Dennis Garcia and Asheboro men's basketball coach Brian Nance discuss basketball and the Blue Comets' inside player Jerquarius Stanback in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

December 5, 2022 – Monday Schedule


6:00 South Davidson at Eastern Randolph

6:00 Oak Grove at Trinity
7:00 (w) Jordan-Matthews at SW Randolph (jvg/vg dh at 5:30)

December 3, 2022 – Saturday Results


Providence Grove at Thomasville Invitational

  North Moore Mustang Duals

Lexington def. Eastern Randolph 43-42

Eastern Randolph def. North Moore 42-36
Lexington def. Randleman 42-39
Randleman def. North Moore 48-24

Wheatmore at West Wilkes Invitational - TEAM / FINALS RESULTS

SW Randolph, Trinity at Mount Pleasant - TEAM / FINALS RESULTS

December 2, 2022 – Friday Results


(w) Providence Grove 49, Asheboro 43

PG: Allie Frazier scored 19 points, Alysha Brown had 7 points.

AHS: Sion Murrian had 17 points, Salem Lee had 10 points, Kimry Comer scored 5 points.

(m) Asheboro 67, Providence Grove 43

AHS: Jerquarius Stanback led with 19 points, Camden Walker had 13 points, Hakeeme Butler scored 11 points, Darius Headen had 10 points.

PG: Chase Whitaker scored 10 points, Zane Cheek had 7 points, James Ellis and Jacob Grantham scored 6 points each.

(w) Trinity 61, East Rowan 44

THS: Autumn Gentry scored 33 points with 11 rebounds; Kennedy Jackson scored 26 points with 8 rebounds.

(m) Trinity 82, East Rowan 68

THS: Dominic Payne scored 42 points, Brandon Campbell 20 had points and went 6-6 from the 3 point line, Dylan Hodges alsoscored 20 points.

(w) Richmond County 42, Uwharrie Charter 39

UCA: Ashara Spruill had 16 points, Savannah Surratt scored 10 points, Blakeley Justus had 5 points.

(m) Richmond County 83, Uwharrie Charter 64

UCA: Ashton Troutman led with 34 points and passed the 1000 career points mark, Walker Wilkins and J J DeNamur scored 9 points each.

(w) Eastern Randolph at Southwest Guilford

(m) Southwest Guilford 83, Eastern Randolph 73

(m) SW Randolph  50, South Stanly 37

SWR: Sean Adkins scored 17 points, Thomas Leal had 13 points, Marcus Robertson and Landon Williamson scored 8 points each.


  Quad Match at Cherryville

Uwharrie Charter def. Robbinsville 55-15

Uwharrie Charter def. Cherryville 55-15
Uwharrie Charter def. Alleghany 62-12

December 1, 2022 – Thursday Results


(w) SW Randolph 48, Chatham Central 37

SWR: Jordin George scored 21 points, Caressa King had 14 points and Maddie Strider scored 9 points.

(m) SW Randolph 50, Chatham Central 48

SWR: Sean Adkins had 20 points, Nathan Ellis scored 15 points and Kearns Trotter had 11 points.

(w) Ledford 43, Wheatmore 17

WHS: Bri Hill led with 12 points.

(m) Wheatmore 58, Ledford 55

WHS: Tyler Kimball scored 17 points, Gavin Strickland had 9 points, Riley Strickland, Kamdyn Wood and Parker Kines scored 8 points each.

(w) Randleman 62, Oak Grove 52

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 17 points and 14 rebounds; Audra Petty scored 17 points; Elizabeth York scored 13 points and Jordan Booker had 11 points.

(m) Oak Grove 59, Randleman 56

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston scored 25 points, Greg Price scored 12 points and Chase Farlow had 7 points.


Uwharrie Charter def. Providence Grove 75-6

UCA winners: Ethan Hines, Brennan Worrell, Christopher White, Brandon Jordan, Jack McArthur, Aldo Hernandez, Lorenzo Alston, Jair Ulloa, Alec Millikan, Carson Robinson, Grayson Roberts, Corbin Grissom, Caden Bond.

PG winner: Colton Wood.

  Tri-Match at Randleman

Wheatmore def. Randleman 42-36

Southeast Guilford def. Wheatmore 59-18
Southeast Guilford def. Randleman 73-6

RHS winners: Christian McLeod (2-0), Jason Tadeo (1-1), Andrew Leonard (1-1), Kolby Garner (1-1), Caden Thorne (1-1), Braxton Walker (1-1),

WHS winners: Trey Swaney (2-0), Dominic Hittepole (2-0), Noah Browning (1-0), Renalto Barron (2-0), Braxton Shoemaker (1-0), Landon Watkins (1-1), Cayden Smith (1-1), Zechariah Starkweather (1-1).

  Tri-Match at Trinity

Trinity def. SW Randolph 56-21

SW Randolph def. East Forsyth 72-9
Trinity def. East Forsyth 78-6

THS winners: Edgar Vasquez Mora (2-0), Brayden Hall (2-0), Spencer May (2-0), Levi Dennis (2-0) Gavin McCall (2-0), Charles Schaefer (2-0), Johnny Bryant (2-0), Lawson Coltrane (2-0), Gavin Hardister (2-0), Jo Jo Trahan (1-1), Baron Justice (1-1), Joey Smith (1-1).

SWR winners: Luke White (2-0), Tristan Richardson (2-0), Erick Lopez (2-0), Jose Flores (2-0), Janaksel Perez (1-0), Nabor Perez (1-0), Jalin Foxx (1-0), Michael Jaimes (1-0), Mason Leonard (1-1), Ismael Tejeda (1-1), David Morales (1-1), Rylee Holdaway (1-1).


All-Conference honors have been announced for fall sports by the Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A Conference. Here are the individual honors for the 2022 season. Click the link for each sport to see the All-Conference team.


Women's Runner of the Year: Brecken Snotherly, Eastern Randolph

Men's Runner of the Year: Robert Burton, Providence Grove
Coach of the Year (both Men's and women's teams): Jonathan Ruiz, Providence Grove


Offensive Player of the Year: Easton Clapp, Southwestern Randolph

Defensive Player of the Year: Davonte Brooks, Eastern Randolph
Coach of the Year: Burton Cates, Eastern Randolph


Player of the Year: Caroline Wright, Providence Grove

Coach of the Year: Wes Luther, Providence Grove


Offensive Player of the Year: Riley Queen, Wheatmore

Defensive Player of the Year: Jaxson Hatcher, Wheatmore
Coach of the Year: Mike Sink, Trinity


Player of the Year: Andee Bullard, Southwestern Randolph

Coach of the Year: Lori Lagrama, Southwestern Randolph


Most Valuable Player: Madelyn Smith, Southwestern Randolph

Defensive Player of the Year: Coley Shiflet, Southwestern Randolph
Coach of the Year: Darby Kennedy, Southwestern Randolph

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